Sausage patties, meet your soulmate.

By Tim Nelson
Updated March 13, 2020
Credit: @Aldi.MadeMeDoIt

Let’s face it: no matter what your morning routine usually entails, you’re going to be eating more breakfasts at home over the weeks (months?) ahead than you’re used to. The good news is that this doesn’t have to necessarily suck if you know how to mix things up and find a good bagel.

To that end, it looks like Aldi has been pushing some pretty unique bagel flavors at their stores here in the states, as spotted by Aldi-loving Instagram account @Aldi.MadeMeDoIt.

Specifically, Aldi seems to be stocked with brioche bagels, a softer, more buttery take on everyone’s favorite circular arrangement of carbohydrates. If you want to get someone who isn’t down with the world of bagels on board, this might be just the ticket. According to the label, they’re “made with real butter & whole eggs,” which should help drive that point home.

If there’s one other valid knock against bagels, it’s that there are too many savory options and not enough choices on the sweeter side of the spectrum— it’s pretty much cinnamon raisin or “go eat a doughnut”. However, these maple french toast-flavored bagels, which are “made with cinnamon and maple flavor for a sweet, indulgent bite” look like they should strike the perfect balance between bland and bold when it comes to sweet bagels.

For those who think that a good bagel requires cheese, you’re in luck as well. Evidence from Instagrammer @AdlisBuys indicates that they’re also stocked with white cheddar everything bagels (featuring white cheddar, onion & garlic). If that isn’t enough cheese for you, they’ve also got double cheese bagels featuring a blend of mozzarella and parmesan.

Surely there will be tough days ahead for some of us, but it’s worth noting that bagels can make them at least a little bit better. Hopefully your local Aldi has some of these gems still in stock.