Hello, Boozeberry Vodka Cheddar.

Credit: Aldi

Few things pair as perfectly as alcohol and cheese. Sure you’ve heard of the classic wine and cheese combo as well as Kentucky classic beer cheese, but the truth is that any excuse to enjoy one of the best types of food while having a drink or two is a valid one.

Still, you have to admit that you probably didn’t see Aldi’s particularly artful blend of booze and cheese coming. The supermarket chain is about to introduce a line of real “emporium selection” cheeses that integrate the flavor of various forms of booze.

So far, we’ve seen “Whiskey Business” cheddar cheese that captures the essence of everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) brown liquor. There’s also Boozeberry Vodka Cheddar,” which works in blueberry and vodka flavors, even though the whole point of vodka as far as I’m concerned is that it doesn’t really have a discernible “flavor.” Last but not least, “Gaelic Glory” pairs Irish cheddar cheese with an Irish creme liqueur for what is certainly the most culturally synergistic (if not entirely authentic) cheese of the bunch.

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For better or worse, it doesn’t sound like this cheese will actually get you drunk. The packaging doesn’t mention any kind of alcohol by volume. Though vaping alcohol is clearly dangerous, you would likely need to eat many pounds of cheese to have any sort of chance of catching the slightest buzz from this Aldi offering. I bet someone out there (let’s be real: me) would be willing to try and find out the hard way, however.

So if you want a festive holiday spread that can also introduce your younger cousins to what alcohol (kind of) tastes like, these “boozy” cheeses are the way to go. Pair it with Aldi’s “cheese ornament” and you’ve got the makings of a great gift for any lactose-loving person in your life. So eat, “drink” and be merry with this Christmas miracle of a dairy treat.