Because mama needs a drink.
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Quick question: What’s the worst thing about Capri Suns?

OK, you’re right—but what’s the worst thing besides the stubborn hole that refuses to accommodate a straw despite that being its only job?

If your answer is anything besides “no alcohol,” you’re in the wrong place.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “But aren’t Capri Suns marketed toward children?” That’s a valid argument, but not one I’m willing to consider right now.

So, anyway, back to the real point: Adult Capri Suns need to exist ASAP.

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Until the powers that be make that happen, you can DIY the drinks in your own kitchen with these clear, zippered pouches from Amazon.

The airtight bags (sold in a set of 50 for $12) even come with fun straws!

Still not sold? Well, the reviews are in—and they’re amazing.

“My boyfriend and I made alcoholic Capri Suns for NYE and everyone loved them,” raved one customer. “These bags held up perfectly! They seal rather easily. They don't buckle once the bottom is expanded. I even kept these outside in 20 degree weather and the contents were cold but didn't freeze through. I will definitely order these again if I need to bring a drink to a party.”

“Absolutely loved these bags to take out on the boat,” another reviewer wrote. “They are the perfect size to fit in any cooler and the bottom makes it really easy to just put in a cup holder or set down somewhere and not have to worry about keeping it in your hand. Once you seal the little zipper part they are watertight and they don't break open at all. Love these so much.”

Buy them here.