I was intrigued when I saw a product listing for tea sticks at the Fancy Foods Show last month, so I went by the booth to check them out. After a fun conversation with the Petit Tea representatives and a small sip of tea, I came away quite impressed with these little sticks.

You can brew delicious whole leaf tea in your cup without having to use a tea pot, strainer, or stirrer. According to the Petit Tea folks, since the sticks don't collapse like tea bags do, the flavor is better because the tea leaves have room to expand when you add the hot water.

Aside from the fact that these look really cool in the cup, they also don't drip when you remove the stick from the cup and hold it horizontally over the cup. I found this to be especially handy when I took a cup of tea, still steeping, to a meeting. With tea bags, I can never figure out what to do with that wet, soggy bag. Problem solved. Just toss the non-drippy stick into the garbage can without making a mess.

The sticks are available in eight different blends, including Earl Grey, Darjeeling Dew, American Breakfast, Jaipore Chai Tea, Jasmine Jade and Mango Monsoon. I sampled the Mango Monsoon and the Jasmine Jade and found them both to be delicious. I wonder if my colleagues will mind if I take a break every day around 4 pm to partake in high tea? M-m-m-m-m. Now I'm dreaming of scones and cucumber sandwiches.