If you squeal a little when in the glorious presence of a warm tray of freshly piped cream pastries drizzled with chocolate, know you're not alone--we're squealing right next to you. The oblong shape of this melt-in-your-mouth treat is perfectly crafted for easy handling and almost way-too-easy eating. In fact, the pastry's namesake comes from the French term éclair, meaning "flash of lightning," because they're typically gobbled up in seconds.

For your viewing pleasure, a week-end dessert daydream of 5 dreamy creamy-cored delights:

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Because salted caramel is always the right thing to do: Sea Salt-Caramel Éclairs

Because we want the best of both worlds and dessert hybrids are everything: Eclair Cake

Because even though dessert hybrids are everything, you may not be in the mood to crank up the oven: No Bake Chocolate Eclair Cake

Because cream puffs are basically éclairs with more filling options (like ice cream), and options are important. Give us all the options: Classic Cream Puffs

Because purchased phyllo dough is easier to unwrap than pastry dough is to make: Phyllo Éclairs.