This was supposed to be a much shorter list, but I just couldn’t stop. You’re about to see why. 

Corey Williams
October 04, 2018
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Are you still looking for the perfect Halloween costume? If you’re looking for a getup that says “I’m a foodie, but I like to have fun,” you’re in luck—I scoured the Internet for the best food costumes on the market, so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

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Cereal Killer, $16.99

A little played out, but still fun.

Smart Cookie, $19.99

We’re getting a little more original, but I think you can do better.

Holy Guacamole, $16.99

OK, we’re getting to unique territory.

A-Salt With a Deadly Weapon, $19.99

This is a food pun costume I haven’t seen before and I am HERE FOR IT.

Peanut Butter and Jelly, $39.99

Everyone will laugh at your wit as they struggle to move past you.

Chip on Shoulder, $5.99

Very Jim Halpert-esque.

Take Out Box, $39.99

I wish anything made me as happy as dressing like a to-go container makes this guy.

Cheesesteak, $18

Or this guy, whose whole life has been leading up to the moment he could wear a sandwich as a hat.

Spicy Mustard, $29.99

Super specific, but OK.

Oreos, $49.99

Compete with “Peanut Butter and Jelly” for most intrusive couple at the costume party.

Gingerbread Man, $57.99

Is this supposed to be terrifying? If so, it’s doing great.

Piece of Meat, $29.99

You’re not just a piece of meat. Or maybe you are. Leave them guessing this Halloween.

Avocado, $33.49

But what's an avocado without toast?

Avocado Toast, $31.23

Here it is. I knew it existed somewhere on the Internet.

Pasta, $36.99

Wait, I don’t think this guy is really a bowl of spaghetti—he’s an impasta.

Taco, $27.49

Taco-bout a fun costume. No? I’ll stop.

Don’t hog all the fun! Get your kids and pets in on the food costume action this Halloween:

Mini Hot Dog, $19.99

Going Bananas, $24.99

Tootsie Roll, $18.39

Cupcake, $26.49

Heinz Ketchup $34.40

Cookies and Milk, $22.99

Hot dog, $12.99 

Pineapple, $12.99

French Toast, $17.49


Coffee and Donut, $17.49

Cupcake, $6.99

Pizza, $13.35

Dirty Puptini, $6.99

Sushi, $11.77

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