Gelly (or Jell-O/gel/jelly/whatever you want to call them) shots are dope as hell. No, they are not some relic of frat parties past. They are not necessarily a vehicle for cheap vodka. Nor do they have to be the scapegoat for questionable decision making. We're grown-up now—and so are our gelly shots.


First, we have Black Pepper Strawberries-and-Cream Gelly Shots. The top layer pairs fresh strawberry juice and berry liquor with a hint of black pepper (always a winning combo), while the bottom layer's boozy, vanilla-y cream isn't messing around either. It's the layered shooter your party's missing.


Next up: Cucumber-Sake Gelly Shots. What says sophisticated fun better than lime halves filled with an herbaceous alcoholic mixture? Nothing, that's what. The hardest part of the whole recipe is waiting for the shooters to set in the fridge. But, hey, in four hours you can get the party started, as they say. With the tart lime kick, you've got your shooter and your chaser all in one, ready to go.

Carrot Cake Gelly Shots

Lastly, we have Carrot Cake Gelly Shots, which gets bonus points for being both a dessert and drink. The carrot gelatin layer's imbued with bourbon and a hit of ginger juice. The top vermouth layer is creamy, kind of like frosting if you just believe. (Kidding, it's unmistakably gelatin, but that's the point of gelly shots.)

And for something a bit spicier, check out this blazin' combination of tequila, strawberry, and sriracha: