By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel
Updated January 07, 2016

So it's almost mid-January. I've promised to work out daily, and worked out once. I swore I'd limit sweets, but here I sit with a sweet tea and my father-in-law's amazing cookies. I pledged to at least put away the laundry from Christmas vacation, but, y'all, I can't even do that. Mt. Washmore looms high every time I walk past my laundry couch (you have one, admit it).

Cut Yourself A Break Cookies, my gift to you.This is the point in the year (yes, on day seven) that I give up... normally. Not this year.

I'm cutting myself some slack this year, and deciding that it doesn't matter when I start (or when didn't, rather), only that I'm starting today. Or tonight.

So here goes. I'm not one for making resolutions, but I am big on goals. Otherwise, I look back over a year and wonder where it has gone instead of noting what all I've accomplished.

Goal 1: More dinner, less take out. Frozen salmon bakes quickly and the grill will be my best friend.

Goal 2: Move. Every day. Take a walk with friends, walk the pup on a lap around the block, or break out a workout video after the kids are asleep.

Goal 3: Declutter. Keep kitchen tools, books, and clothes that I love and let the others go to people who need and want them.

Who's in for cutting ourselves some slack? And perhaps the occasional slice of cake?