Last night, since I had some leftover venison cubed steak from making "Dixie Creek Roll-Ups" over the weekend, I planned to cook fried deer steak. Fried venison is a great go-to recipe for cubed steak - delicious and simple to prepare. Served with some homemade gravy and leftover jasmine rice...mmm, my stomach was already rumbling before I left work. "Plus," I thought, "I won't even have to go by the grocery store first!"

That plan went out the window when I opened our kitchen cabinets to find NO VEGETABLE OIL. 6 years ago, when we first married, this would have been cause for MAJOR COOKING MELTDOWN. I briefly considered running to the store, but it was already 6:15 and my husband was due home any minute. I've burned butter a few too many times to think that frying deer steak in butter was even an option. A quick Google search (I'm a big "kitchen Googler") turned up a few promising recipes I could maybe tweak and some helpful tips, like that I could actually heat butter and olive oil together to raise the smoke point of the butter and keep it from burning so quick. "Hmmm," I told myself, " Ok. This could work."

About 30 minutes later we had a simple dinner of quick pan-fried cubed steak in a pan sauce made from two chopped and sauteed shallots, 1 cup of beef broth, a (generous) splash of red wine, some Worcestershire sauce, and a little extra flour to thicken. Served over rice, with leftover cornbread, it was actually not that bad for being thrown together at the last minute. I am not a great cook by any means, but owe a huge debt to my husband for teaching me how to think on my feet in the kitchen when things don't go as planned. Plus, working for a recipes website doesn't hurt!

Morale of the Story: Keep that vegetable oil stocked - but don't be afraid to try something different when it's not!

What's YOUR favorite "almost" cooking disaster?