Delicately sweet, fluffy, and airy-light angel food cake is what some might deem heavenly--and that's completely valid. It's always a crowd-pleasing dessert and can be adapted seasonally to serve at whatever events, parties, and holidays you encounter throughout the entire calendar year. We're for sure fans of a classic take on this elegant cake, but there are endless ways to dress it up. And there's no sense in sticking to the original vanilla when customizing this cake to best suit you is, well... a piece of cake (I couldn't resist, that's my last offensively cliché cliché, I swear).

When it comes to cake, you have to find the recipe that really speaks to you. And being that we all know what a struggle that can be, I've collected angel food cake recipes ideal to suit 10 respective personality traits. Find yours, bake immediately, and embrace your inner angel.

#1. You're traditional . . .

If you're a firm believer in "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," this classic recipe is the one for you.


#2. You're indecisive . . .

If you can't decide whether you want vanilla or chocolate, we're not about to make you. This Black and White Angel Food Cake has it all.


#3. You're a corner-cutter . . .

This Chocolate-Caramel Angel Food Cake cheats with a store-bought box of angel food cake. But if no one can tell the difference (they probably won't) . . . Why not? #YOLO


#4. You're a total sweetheart . . .

No matter the situation, you can't help but be nice, can you? You're too darn sweet, and it borders on making everyone around you sick. Don't apologize for it, embrace it! This Gooey Angel Food Cake is super-sweet, moist, rich-- and it's definitely the one for you.


#5. You have trust issues . . .

If it takes you awhile to open up to people because you've been burned in the past. But hey, it's A-OK to keep some juicy stuff inside for only a select few to enjoy. And this hollowed-out Angel Food Cake with a sweet-tart berry mixture at its core is just what you need.


#6. You think you're fancy, huh?

You have an elevated taste and always opt for the most luxurious options out there--that's cool, you do you. And this gluten-free Vanilla Angel Food Cake with Berry Compote is here to help. The white rice flour, cornstarch, and just a little brown rice flour along with the egg whites gives this incredibly elegant cake a light, airy texture, resulting in a high-class, gluten-free dessert that makes each serving taste like a special occasion.


#7. You're inventive . . .

You're the opposite of traditional and not a huge fan of following the rules. Some call you rebellious, you call it "thinking outside the box." Angel Food Cake Pops are your spirit cake form.

Angel Food Cake Pops

Angel Food Cake Pops

#8. You're Type A . . .

Y0u put a lot of pressure on yourself to be perfect. You always make your bed in the morning, respond to emails within 30 seconds, and never let to-do's fall through the cracks. You're an overachiever and can often be caught asking your boss if there's "anything else you can do." You have a hard time saying "no" to taking on new responsibilities, and people always tell you that you need to learn how to set boundaries. Our top-rated, Heavenly Angel Food Cake is picture-perfect and just the recipe you need for your next pristine party.


#9. You're just a happy-go-lucky person. . .

You're a ray of sunshine to everyone around you. You carry an innate "glass-half-full" mentality and are always looking to encourage friends and strangers alike. You speak with the intention of making people's day a little brighter. You (and likely all citrus lovers) will enjoy the brightness in each bite of this Lemon-Coconut Angel Food Cake. The fresh, sunny-sweet flavors that this cake has to offer are just your type.


#10. You're kind of a lot to handle . . .

You're the life of the party and attract a lot of attention. Don't get me wrong, people love you, but plenty of them can only take your intense personality in small doses, like this decadent Coffee Angel Food Cake with Fudge Glaze.


#11. You're patient (to the extreme) . . .

You're willing to wait because you understand that good things take time. You don't rush through life, and you give others plenty of space and time. Your go-getter coworkers are often frustrated by your turtle-like pace, but when you do produce--it's damn good work. Our Vanilla Angel Food Cake with Chocolate Sauce is delightful example of why the world needs (and ultimately rewards) steady patience. When you whip egg whites slowly--first at medium-low and building up speed gradually--you end up with the softest, creamiest, fluffiest mixture, into which you need to gently and gradually fold flour.