I'm so excited that summer is finally ending. I quit acknowledging anything summer related weeks ago. I've been thinking about sweaters and soup related activities for at least a month now. Here's what my fall palette is craving and it will finally be cool enough in my kitchen to turn the stove on.


Roasted Beet and Shallot Salad Over Wilted Beet Greens and Arugula -- I love beets. Roasting them and serving on a salad with goat cheese is my favorite. This year I'm going to venture out and try the beet greens too.


Slow-Cooker Veggie Chili -- I printed this recipe out weeks ago. It's gotten 5-stars by 23 reviewers, it's got to be good. And hearty. And loaded with nutritious veggies. And perfect for chilly weather.


Pot Roast with Wild Mushrooms and Thyme -- Every fall/winter I say I'm going to cook one of these. This fall and winter is no different, except that I'm going to do it. I will keep you posted and invite you over for roast beef sandwich leftovers.


Double-Crust Apple Pie -- I rarely like to mix fruit with dessert. But since this pie calls for double crust (double flaky, buttery goodness), I'm going to give it a go and add a double scoop of ice-cream (to keep the theme, obviously).

What food says fall to you?