If you're hosting a Super Bowl party this year, you fall into one of two camps: Those who care about the game and those who care about the food (and the commercials). What, you thought I was going to say Giants or Patriots? New York or New England? Sure, there are football fanatics out there (many of us are married to or work with them), but just because you aren't invested in this year's "Biggest Game of The Year" on a sporting level doesn't mean you can't get excited by creating a killer spread.

If San Francisco had made it, we'd be talking a much different game (bread bowls for everyone!), but instead of going coast-to-coast, we're looking at two pretty strong contenders who both hail from the eastern seaboard. New York, known even by nickname as a food (The Big Apple!), is famous for New York-style pizza, New York Cheesecake, and, apparently, naming everything delicious it masters after itself. When I picture New York, I think of hot dogs slathered in mustard, street vendors trotting out delicious foods, and tiny restaurant treasures tucked into the streets of the City that Never Sleeps. I lived there for a summer and can assure you that while I tried to sleep, the city honestly never did. I started every morning with a freshly-made bagel and cream cheese. Thankfully, I was walking 2 miles to work that summer!

But I digress.

While New York brings a kind of swoon-worthy grit to the buffet, New England offers a softer, more romantic palate. New England reminds me of fall, changing leaves, and Ben Franklin. I think of Boston Tea Parties, blustery winters, and New England Claw Chowder.

When it comes down to it, beyond a battle of egos (you'll note that both teams' cities have dishes named after them), this game really comes down to a clash of cuisines. Do you prefer pizza or chowder? If your party-goers complain that you're more invested in who's winning the food feud between the two cities, remind them that this method is definitely better than determining your chosen team by uniform color or likability of the mascot. Or at least more delicious.

We're not bet-makers here at, but we have to say that, if pressed, we'd pick New York to pull it out in the fourth quarter. After all, a city known for its cheesecake is guaranteed to play through to the end.

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By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel