As I plan this "Big White Wedding" (or BWW, as I've learned it's called in the blogging community), I've slowly learned more about my region, specifically what sounds weird to my friends around the country. First there was the bridal portrait, displayed for all at the wedding ("So, the bride gets all dressed up ahead of time and does a portrait by herself but the groom doesn't get one?" "Er, yes."). Then there was the non-seated dinner style. And now, the groom's cake.

Groom's cakes are a Southern phenomenon, though I hear the groom's cake trend is spreading a little outside the area. They're typically chocolate, delicious, and more fun than the bride's cake.

When my fiance and I met with our baker Al, we talked about ourselves a little and he came back with a proposal. For me, an ivory buttercream-covered cake with almond filling. For Brian? A 3-D chocolate baseball stadium featuring all the teams he's played on, beginning with his high school wildcats and going through his three-year stint in the minor leagues. I can hardly wait to see it and you better believe I'll be posting pictures!

If you're looking for a way to personalize your wedding, the groom's table is the way to go. Forget cake, you can have chocolates, cheesecakes, fondue... anything. The only rule is that it shouldn't be white. Unless you're a sassy bride and want to have a colorful cake yourself. Check out our menu for A Groom's Chocolate Table. For a fraction of the cost of commissioning an entire cake, you can load up a table with dipped pretzels, brownie trifle, and pecan clusters.

And, because you don't need one more thing on your list, let your guy pick the treats for this table. He'll get what he wants and your guests will enjoy seeing some of your personality shine through. I'm getting married in 16 days and I can't wait to see what Brian's cake looks like. I'll be back with details!