By Ashley Kappel
April 05, 2016

Dale Earnhardt Jr. set off a firestorm this afternoon by innocently posting his favorite sandwich.

White bread + mayonnaise + banana. What could be better?

Just about anything.

For starters, how about some peanut butter? Or, anything really. We're proposing delicious banana sandwiches that have nothing to do with mayo (no offense, mayo. We LOVE you on grilled cheese.)

If bananas are what you have to have, check out our favorite banana sandwich recipes.

Fine, this one is cheating, but honestly, wouldn't you rather eat a banana split sandwich with vanilla cookies than one with mayo?

A classic combo: Peanut butter, strawberry jelly, and sliced banana. Let your inner child run free.

Even low-carb sandwich lovers can get behind this clever wrap. The King would be proud.

Breakfast-for-dinner just took a seriously delicious turn. These sandwiches are loaded with Nutella and bananas, making you pretty much the coolest parent ever. Avoid the sugar rush fallout at all costs.

Mini chocolate chips add just the hint of sweetness this sandwich needs to make it sensational. Pair with milk for a perfect midnight snack.

French toast in our panini press? You had us at almond butter.

Bacon, almond butter, and banana combine to make a damn fine sandwich, one that your spouse will request again and again.

This one is sure to shock your senses. If you're serving to kiddos, leave off the jalapeños, just in case.

A hint of salt takes this sandwich from just ok to crazy good. Sweet and salty, for the win!

Don't abuse those bananas, Dale. Next time, make one of our sandwiches, or this delicious banana bread.