Like my family, many of you probably serve corned beef, potatoes, and cabbage to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. This year I'm craving something new, and after I did a little digging into Ireland's culinary history and the recipes, I think I've come up with a tasty, modern St. Patrick's Day dinner.

So take a look at these top-rated recipes and let us know what you think! And if you have any other inspiring St.Patrick's Day dinner ideas, please share them in the comments.


Ireland has a proud cheesemaking history, so I think it's only appropriate to start the meal with a nice cheese plate.

Dubliner cheese (or Irish cheddar) seems to be the most commonly available outside Ireland; Kerrygold is a common brand that is widely available in the States. Other Irish varieties include Coolea cheese, Durrus cheese, Gubbeen cheese, and Cashel Blue cheese. Check your gourmet cheese shops and Whole Foods for availability.


Next, warm up with a bowl of Roasted Garlic and Shallot Potato Soup with Cheesy Croutons. I love red potatoes with butter and toppings as much as the next person, but I can't wait to dig into this savory, flavorful soup.


While hearty proteins like beef, lamb, and pork are more common in Irish cooking, this island nation also lots of fresh seafood like oysters, scallops, lobster, and salmon. Enjoy slices of Smoked Salmon with Tangy Horseradish Sauce on top of thick slices of soda bread after your soup.


To finish off the meal, indulge in double-layered Black and Tan Brownies. Black and tan refers to a popular Irish drink made with half Guinness Stout and half Harp Lager, and you'll add a bit of Guinness to the "black" brownies.