I've heard of Turkish Delight in the past, but to be honest, the only time was in the song "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" and I was never really sure what they were referring to. Well now that I know, I can tell you, it's worth singing about.

My cousin recently did a study abroad program in Prague and traveled to Turkey while she was there. As a gift to the family she brought back authentic Turkish Delight candies by Ali Baba that are surprisingly decadent. Although the gummy, fruit-flavored candies made from sugar and starch may look like a throwback to a 1950's candy dish, they are light, sweet, and rolled in powdered sugar which gives them a delicate texture. Although the Rose flavor was the group favorite, they come in a variety of flavors including Pistachio, Lemon, Orange, Mint and Almond. Some also come with nuts on top for an extra layer of texture.


Although you can't get this exact band very easily in the United States, I have found a similar maker. These little bite-size candies are a great idea for an exotic gift and are very affordable. They are also very pretty for a dessert or appetizer display once removed from the box.


(All Photos Courtesy of Natalie Griffin)