When I spent a few months in Greece, my friends and I discovered one of the most surprisingly delicious new foods the country had to offer: giant beans. Yep, giant beans (a.k.a. beans as big as your thumb). They're so filling that they are the meal, yet they look so simple that they leave you wondering: what is their secret?

In technical bean terms, they're called gigantes (pronounced "YE-gone-tays"), and in fancy Greek writing, they're γιγαντες. But in any language, they're downright divine. You could order them in almost any restaurant in Greece, but back in the U.S., they're nearly impossible to find (so far, my only luck has been one neighborhood deli in New York City).

So naturally, I was ecstatic when I discovered this Cooking Light recipe for Baked Gigantes in Tomato Sauce, and I practically fainted when I learned I that Nabeel's Mediterranean market here in Birmingham imports dried gigantes.

I decided to try out the recipe a few weeks ago, and it was a huge success! The ingredients are basic vegetables and seasoning, and it doesn't require any fancy kitchen gadgets. It is somewhat time-consuming, but it's really easy -- and completely worth it. I made several friends try a bite or two, and their responses have been a unanimous "YUM!" I've even convinced fellow intern Georgia to try her hand at the recipe later this week!

Ok come on, I can tell you're skeptical, but trust me, you'll love them.