There are plenty of excuses during the year to eat cheesy appetizers, consume large amounts of yeast-fueled libations, and gorge on piles and piles of the tiniest part of a chicken, but there's one particular excuse that always gets our party-planning instinct going at MyRecipes. Perhaps it's because it comes so soon after New Year's, giving us a good reason to ditch all those silly resolutions and run open-armed toward a bowl of tortilla chips. Whatever the reason, we love the Super Bowl and we certainly love Super Bowl parties.

Our friends at Holy Taco built what they rightfully claim is The Greatest Snack Food Stadium Ever Built. Boasting Twinkie stadium seating, bacon crowd control, and beef jerky goal posts, this culinary creation is a literal shrine to all things fatty, snacky, and delicious, covering (personally speaking) three of my favorite food groups. The total cost of this endeavor? $86.47, not counting the 24,375 calories and 1,285 fat grams also included.

If you can't bring yourself to create your own guacamole playing field, then try a few of our favorite recipes that are guaranteed to please your crowd, regardless of team affiliation. Dish up a smattering of dip recipes or try your hand at easy wing dishes. Get the scoop on store-bought salsa, or find new ways to bake with your favorite brewski. If all else fails, turn to our fool-proof Super Bowl party guide for step-by-step planning help. Or ask your friends to pick up some Twinkies on the way...

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel