No one wants to spend their precious time between work and bed figuring out what's for dinner. Or, worse, planning your meal while standing in the middle of the grocery store. We've got zero time for that.


The free Cozi app (owned by MyRecipes' parent company, Time Inc) takes all the drama out of the "what to make for dinner" dilemma. No need to scroll through pages of pins only to lose your place, and your dinner recipe. No more scribbling items on scrap paper, hoping you remember to take your makeshift list to the store with you. And definitely no more last minute, budget-breaking additions to the grocery cart.

Trust us, Cozi will save both your wallet and your sanity. And, did we mention, it's free!

Cozi lets you save recipes from your favorite brands in one place--no more wondering where you saw that great frittata recipe! Then you can use the calendar to move the recipes to a specific day, or even next week. Cozi makes planning easy, so you've got a no-fail dinner situation in place.

Even better, Cozi doesn't abandon you once the planning and shopping is over. When you cook, use your Cozi app to bring up the recipe and the app will keep your screen from going idle. No more smearing your phone again and again as you try to remember if it was 2 or 3 tablespoons of chili powder in that awesome chili you're making.

In a nutshell, the free Cozi app takes the drama out of dinner, leaving you more time to enjoy your meal, and the people you get to share it with.

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel