Today is National Pack Your Lunch Day! You may be used to packing a daily lunch for your kids, but did you know that these portable provisions can benefit your health and work performance, too?

Studies have found that workers who skip the midday meal are more stressed and less productive than those who take a lunch break. Plus, people who skip lunch are more likely to consume excess calories when snacking in the afternoon.

Brown-bag burnouts, take heart! Your portable meal is not reserved to boring bologna sandwiches and carrot sticks. We picked five of our favorite make-ahead bag lunches, so you can celebrate this quirky foodie holiday all week long. Who knows? You might even start a healthy trend at the office. And for nostalgia’s sake, don’t forget to bring your superhero lunchbox!


Use up any leftover dried cherries from the kale salad by making these perfectly portable afternoon pick-me-ups.