In theory, meatloaf is great: Meat in an easily sliceable form glazed with some sort of ketchup situation. In reality, most meatloaf sucks--especially turkey meatloaf. It's too dry, too bland, and too reminiscent of what school cafeterias serve with a side of instant mashed potatoes and boiled carrot mush.

This Master Turkey Meatloaf is not one of those meatloaves. In fact, it's the only meatloaf recipe you'll ever need. It's easy, it's familiar, but this loaf is also anything but average.


Flavored by the usual suspects (onion, garlic carrots, and celery), while bacon adds a savory richness and a rice cereal binder keeps the loaf gluten-free without drying it out like breadcrumbs often do. A blend of white and dark ground meat is key for both rich flavor and succulent texture in the master loaf. The finishing touch: a trio of tomato condiments—chutney, ketchup, and tomato sauce—go into a spread over top of the meatloaf, adding what you call "umami." It's a dynamic and perfectly balanced version of the traditional meatloaf topper. While meal planning this weekend, just go ahead and pen this in for "Meatloaf Monday."


Arguably, the best part about meatloaf is the promise of a next-day sandwich. But this Grilled Meatloaf Melt gives a new meaning to what leftovers (and, really, sandwiches) can be. Thick sliced of tomatoes, bold Havarti and cheddar cheese slices, and meatloaf are layered between white bread, buttered, then grilled until golden brown and melty. Repeat the next day, should you still have leftovers (or just make more meatloaf to create "leftovers").