Last night I watched the sneak peek preview of ABC’s new show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” and boy was it eye opening. We can all admit that the American diet is not the healthiest, this is the birthplace of the world’s top fast food franchises after all, but watching this episode was quite horrifying. School children were being fed pizza with sugary flavored milk for breakfast and chicken nuggets with mashed “potatoes” (from a pouch), baked beans, and a lot of processed sauces for lunch. And then there was the mother whose entire freezer was full of frozen pizzas and who used her deep-fat fryer more than her oven… And the worst part? No one saw any problem with it!

A healthy diet is not just about being skinny and looking “good”, it is about making healthier and smarter choices about food so that your body gets the nutrition it needs to function at its fullest potential. Unfortunately, “diet” has become an ugly word in our society and is now directly linked with unappetizing, unrealistic, and sometimes downright unhealthy food choices. There are “crash diets” designed to deprive your body of essential components (such as carbs for example) so that you will lose weight quickly and, most likely, gain it back just as quickly when you start eating normally again. There are also “cookie diets” and specialty diet plans that send you pre-packaged food in the mail, neither of these will teach you how to make smarter choices about food and portion control and, once the diet is over, you’re on your own and sure enough the weight starts creeping back (remember Kirstie Alley?)

Anyway, it looks like Jamie has quite a job ahead of him – not only is he trying to change Huntington, Virginia’s entire perception of food and their daily eating habits but he is being faced with vehement resistance to change from all sides. It will be exciting to watch and see if the passion of this one man will be enough to make change happen.

Have any of you tried one of those fad diets that are out there? Have they worked for you?

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