'Tis the season . . . of sore throats, runny noses, sneezes and coughs. This week, armed with tissues, throat lozenges and cough syrup, I'm attempting to face the world. While I'm a believer in all the over-the-counter remedies you can get at the drugstore, I also believe that nothing helps soothe a cold like a cup of hot tea.

There is a good bit of research on the health benefits of tea, particularly green tea. But aside from whatever antioxidant benefits the tea might be providing, for me it's more of a physical and emotional thing: holding the warm mug, the gentle steam, the aroma, and the warm liquid coating my throat. And somehow, just the act of sipping on hot tea makes me feel calm and peaceful. That's a lot of benefit from one cup of tea!


This Honey-Ginger Tea is particularly appealing in that it features other healing ingredients such as ginger, honey and lemon juice. Perhaps we should just rename it "the cure for whatever ails you" tea. I'm feeling better already. Please let us know about your favorite cold remedies, especially if they involve food or drink. Any votes for chicken noodle soup?

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