1. There’s no wrong way to eat it. Baked into mac ‘n cheese. Tucked into a calzone. Served as a cheesy dip. Smoky or spicy, vegetarian or chicken, Italian-style over pizza or south-of-the-border with nachos. Add your favorite ingredients to personalize your chili and make it your own.


2. It’s food for the body—and the soul. There’s nothing like a hearty bowl of chili to warm us up on a brisk fall afternoon, offer comfort for the winter blues, and bring a crowd together (from festivals to fundraisers, chili cook-off competitions are a hot ticket!).

3. You can’t top it. If there’s something you crave, top it with chili. Chances are, you’ll crave it even more. On top of pasta, French fries, potato skins and more, think outside the bowl for out-of-this-world taste.


4. It’s got game. With its big, bold flavor and make-ahead convenience, a heaping pot of chili is a tailgating triumph. To make it the MVP of your next football party, set up a “chili bar” featuring interesting add-ons like avocado slices, shredded cheese, and hot sauce, and tasty sides like cornbread and salad.

5. It’s always in-season. Everyone knows that when it gets chilly outside, it’s time for chili inside. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this classic comfort food all year ‘round. Give it an elegant upgrade and prepare Mini Mexican Chili Bites at your spring soiree. Add sizzle to your summer barbecue with chili dogs hot off the grill.


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