By: Marge Perry, Contributor


Do you have chicken anxiety? It’s that uneasy feeling you get when the chicken seems like its just about cooked—but you’re not really sure so you keep going. By the time you get it to the table, you have created a cross between sawdust and rubber that no sauce, no matter how tasty, can hide.

If you suffer from this affliction, take heart in knowing you are not alone. I have gotten enough letters from readers and watched countless students quake in the face of an innocent bird to know just how widespread it is. More importantly, rest assured there is a cure. It’s knowledge. Knowing just a few simple techniques and a couple of handy tricks can help you replace that anxiety with confidence and ease every time you make chicken.


I got together with the good people at and created an online video class called All About Chicken. You’ll learn how to pound and cook boneless chicken breasts to tender, juicy perfection; how to make knock-your-socks off wings without the mess and hassle of deep frying; how to stuff and bake bone-in breasts for an incredibly easy, truly delicious weeknight meal; roast or grill chicken thighs that are as great leftover as they are right out of the oven; turn drumsticks into an Italian feast; how to roast and carve a whole chicken; and you’ll learn about and master the art of spatchcocking.


The Craftsy class is interactive, which means if you have a question as you are watching, you just send it in to me and get feedback quickly. Plus, we designed it so you can view the lessons in any order. Got company coming this weekend? Watch the lessonon cooking a whole bird (and perfume your house with the heady smell of rosemary and garlic roasting). Are you dying to know how restaurants manage to serve moist chicken breasts? You’ll be a pro after watching my tips. But if you do happen to get stumped, don’t worry: just send me your issue on the Craftsy platform and we’ll work it out. It’s chicken therapy, and it is certain to cure you of chicken anxiety forever more.


I’ll look forward to meeting you on the Craftsy platform!