By Hayley Sugg
May 02, 2016

Strawberries are abundant this time of year. Whether you're visiting the farmers' market, in the grocery store, or have them overtaking your own garden, these sweet red berries are inescapable. Find out our best (aka favorite) ways to use up strawberries this season:

Sheet Cake

With strawberries throughout the cake and frosting, this sheet cake holds a wealth of fresh flavor.

Jello Shots

Why stop at just strawberry flavored jello? Putting the tequila-laced concoction into a whole strawberry adds a new flair.


Sweet strawberries sprinkled throughout the salad compliment the tangy Strawberry-Poppy Seed Vinaigrette drizzled atop.


The bright flavor of strawberries combine with creamy avocado and peppery radish to make what may be your new favorite chip dip.

Upgrade your PB&Js with this ridiculously easy jam that doesn't require any pectin and is made in a single sauce pan.


Who knew that strawberries were what biscuits had been missing all along.


No tomatoes? No problem! This fruit-based gazpacho is just as red and equally delicious.


Three simple ingredients make this lemonade that will impress any guest.


Strawberry milkshakes, while a classic, get a delicious redressing with the addition of shortcake.