Friday the 13th, that day the superstitious amongst us dread. For some people it's just like any other Friday standing between them and their weekend, but for others it's a great excuse to embrace the unlucky date and watch scary movies.

If you choose to celebrate this less-than-mainstream holiday, then what better way than to pair freaky films with some delicious dishes:

The Exorcist

Oh, the notorious pea soup scene. It's really not ideal to undergo an exorcism on a full stomach, but if you're not planning on communing with the devil today, then we promise that you'll enjoy the Quick Chilled Pea Soup much more than Regan did.

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Silence of the Lambs

Who could forget one of the greatest improvised scenes in movie history, when Hannibal Lector, played by Anthony Hopkins, talks about eating a census taker's liver. Since human livers are highly difficult [and illegal, and just not OK] to obtain for consumption, we recommend trying Grilled Ginger-Glazed Chicken Liver with Spicy Plum Sauce if you're in the mood for organs.

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Flowers in the Attic

Quite possibly the most bizarre movie on this list, Flowers in the Attic is a tale surrounding probably the scariest grandmother ever, kids living in the attic, incest, and arsenic-laced cookies. This one is bound to leave you with some disturbed feels--eat them away with Mexican Wedding Cookies...but only if you're the one who baked them.

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Death by pasta doesn't sound like the worst thing ever, but Se7en will make you rethink that. This crime thriller focuses on a serial killer, whose first crime involves feeding a man noodles until he dies. You too can enjoy some Spaghetti and Meatballs. In moderation, of course.

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Psychosis isn't all Norman Bates got from his mom... he also picked up how to make a dang good sandwich from her. He feeds one to Lila just before the infamous shower scene, though it looks a little flimsy in comparison to this Over-the-Top Tomato Sandwich.

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By far the most horrifying scene in this slasher flick is when Drew Barrymore's character lets her popcorn burn while being chased by the crazed killer. Learn from her poor life decisions, don't keep answering creepy phone calls and keep an eye on this Garlic Parmesan Popcorn to prevent scorching.

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Night of the Living Dead

One of the first horror movies of its kind, Night of the Living Dead introduced many people to the general concept (and horror) of zombies. Without this forerunner we might have never ended up with The Walking Dead, so celebrate it with a Zombie Brain Shot!

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By Hayley Sugg and Hayley Sugg