Summer is in full swing, and here in Birmingham, that means high humidity and evenhigher temperatures. Naturally, I find myself to be thirstier than usual, butsome days I’m just tired of plain water.

After doing a little research on MyRecipes and asking my coworkersfor their favorite hydrating beverages, I decided to try a few for myself. Ibought a watermelon last week for the Fourth of July, so you can imagine that Ihad a lot left over, and I used that to inspire two of my beverages.


For the first two drinks, I added watermelon-peach cubes to iced teaand water. I blended about two cups of watermelon with two medium peaches,poured the puree through a sieve and then into one of my ice cube trays. I letthe puree freeze for a day before adding some of the cubes to fresh iced teaand ice water. I liked the tea better because the flavor was richer, but I maytry the cubes again in some sparkling water. I also would separate the fruitsinto different cubes, or add more peach because the watermelon nearlyoverpowered it.

The third beverage I tried was a variation on lemonade. I dove backinto my watermelon and peaches and added some slices to a glass of lemonade. Ilet it sit in the fridge for over an hour to let the fruit soak up the lemonadeand their flavors infuse into the ‘ade. I have to say, for such a simplerecipe, this drink had a lot of flavor! The fruit flavors had infused enough tobalance the lemon, and I have to admit that I slurped it down in record time.

I got the recipe for the fourth drink from a friend. At her Fourth ofJuly party, she’d made up a pitcher of cucumber water. She slices half a cukeand adds them to the water along with a handful of ice cubes. It doesn’t takelong for the cukes to infuse the water with their flavor; I tried this in justa glass of ice water and after ten minutes the water was cold and tasteddistinctly of cucumber. I drank this almost as fast as the lemonade!

I loved the drinks I tried, but I want to hear from y’all – whatrefreshing drinks do you like in the summer, or any time of the year?

And for more ideas, check out our collection of drink recipes and how to drink to your health.