By Alex Bliss, MyRecipes Contributor


Making these cute little cupcakes was actually pretty simple. Yes, they take a little more effort and a little more time than your average cupcake, but these little guys will be a big hit at your next party!

Start with your favorite yellow cake recipe. (I used a doctored cake mix, adding sour cream to make an extra moist cake). You will need 1 yellow cupcake for each slider you want to make. I made 24 small cupcakes (I used my extra batter to make a 6” round).

Next you’ll need a good chocolate cake recipe. (Again, I used a doctored cake mix, adding sour cream and chocolate chips). The bottoms of these cupcakes will be your ‘patty.’ I made 24 chocolate cupcakes (again with enough extra batter for a 6” round).

While your cupcakes are cooling you can prepare your filling: I made an almond cream cheese frosting using cream cheese, butter, 10x sugar and almond extract. Any white frosting will do. Remove about a third of the frosting and dye it red – to look like ketchup. I used Spectrum food coloring in ‘Super Red.’

Take another 3rd of the frosting and dye it yellow to look like cheese. I mixed a lemon curd into the frosting along with a little food coloring in ‘Egg Yellow.’ If you don’t want lemon frosting, skip the curd and just use the dye.

Finally mix sweetened shredded coconut with just a TINY bit of green food coloring for the ‘lettuce.’ I used ‘Leaf Green.’ Mix slightly - you want to maintain some color variation to keep it looking like real lettuce.


Now you’re ready to assemble!

Cut the middle out of the yellow cupcakes. You’ll use the top and bottom as your ‘bun.’ Next cut the bottoms off the chocolate cupcakes to use as the ‘patty.’

Place a dollop of the white icing (from the remaining 3rd of your icing) on the bottom bun (cut side up). Push the shredded coconut around the sides of the icing so it slightly hangs over the side of the ‘bun.’ Place the chocolate ‘patty’ on top of the icing/coconut. Using a piping bag, or using tooth picks, place small drops of the red and yellow frostings around the outer edge of the ‘patty.’ Depending on how much frosting you like, you may also want to place a dollop in the center (use red or yellow). Top with the crest of yellow cupcake to finish your burger. Sprinkle with sesame seeds to complete the look.

Note – in addition to the 6” rounds, you’ll also have a decent amount of leftover cupcake pieces. These would be great for making cakepops!

These slider cupcakes would be a cute addition to your Labor Day cookout. Enjoy!