Post by contributor Claire Fitz-Patrick

Can you guess the famous Italian chef who is named after St. Patrick? Hint: He’s a Top Chef

It’s Tom Colicchio! Tom Patrick Colicchio, James Beard 2010 Outstanding Chef and Top Chef Judge, was named after his father who was born on St. Patrick’s Day.


As an avid Top Chef watcher and enthusiastic supporter of Team Colicchio, I was so excited to try Tom’s newest restaurant, Colicchio & Sons, last night. As we sat down and waited for the menus, my co-foodies and I excitedly discussed the prospect of seeing Tom and how perfect it was that we were now eating at a Top Chef Judge’s restaurant and would later be heading home just in time to catch Tom on the latest episode. And then ... it happened. Co-foodie #1 abruptly grabbed my arm. I was startled, but then followed her stunned gaze about 10 feet in front of her to find ... TOM!!! That’s right, folks, THE Tom.

Dressed in his Chef whites, Tom was at the end of the table for 8 next to us talking casually to the diners. I quickly asked our waiter who they were and he told us that one of them was his brother. (After follow up investigations online today, we learned that it was actually his SON.) We picked lil’ Tom out quickly (basically a 20-year-younger version of Tom with hair) and proceeded to try not to hyperventilate long enough to discreetly take photos of his dad on our camera phones. Here’s the (slightly-hard-to-see) proof.

Needless to say, we were already thrilled with our dining experience, and the food had yet to come! And when it did come, we were not disappointed. Here’s a peek at our delicious meal:

The Appetizers
Co-foodie #2 and I ordered the Fatty Salmon Belly with Grapefruit and Sorrel (left; sashimi style with a refreshing tang from the grapefruit). Co-foodie #1 ordered the bone marrow (right; intensely rich with flavor that longed to drip down your chin).


The Main Dishes
Co-foodie #2 and I ordered the burger (left; made with chuck and short rib, we ordered it medium rare, per the chef’s suggestion). Co-foodie #1 ordered the hangar steak with brussel sprouts (right; juicy, tender steak with the most flavorful little sprouts I’ve ever eaten).


The Desserts

We all shared...Pineapple sorbet (left; such pure fruit flavor), tres leches with black sesame brittle and mango sorbet (right; more like a pound cake than the moist layers I’m used to, but still tasty)...


And the one that made the heavens part ... zeppole with butterscotch sauce and banana malt ice cream (far right; slightly denser inside than a beignet, but still light and fluffy; the butterscotch ... no words. all this paired with a cup of Stumptown coffee? fuggedaboutit...).

  • Overall, I guess we had an ok time. Ha, who am I kidding? We had a blast! If you’re ever in NYC, try to make your taste buds’ way over to The Tap Room. If not, here’s a recipe for butterscotch sauce for you to try so you can end your next meal as sweetly as we did ours.