Lead the season with this simple, tasty assortment of meatless finger foods and drink.
Spring for a Party
Roasted Tomatillo-Mango Salsa with Spiced Tortilla Chips
| Credit: Randy Mayor / Cooking Light

Welcome warmer weather and longer days with a light spring celebration. This cozy, casual gathering is easy on the host (several dishes can be made ahead of time) and just as easy on the guests–no forks needed. These delectable meat-free goodies will appeal to partygoers, vegetarian or not. Light plenty of candles to create a warm glow. Put on some music, and get the party rolling by greeting your friends with a Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail.

Finesse the traffic flow by setting up the beverage area where there's space for guests to mingle. Serve food and drinks buffet style, and let everyone help themselves. To avoid a bottleneck, stage several different food areas. On one table, serve the Roasted Tomatillo-Mango Salsa with Spiced Tortilla Chips, Tunisian Sweet and Hot Pepper-Tomato Relish with pita wedges, and a platter of Provençal Deviled Eggs. Deceptively simple to make, the Yellow Pepper Pesto Terrine makes a distinctive centerpiece for the buffet. Scatter small bowls of Peanuts with Indian Spices throughout the area where you'll be entertaining. Wrap up the evening by serving bite-sized Goat Cheese Tarts with Lemon-Fig Compote, which offer a taste of warmer days to come.

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