What do I like best about spring? Other than the warm sunshine-filled days, lush green grass dotted with yellow daffodils, and the reappearance of sun dresses and flip flops, I'd have to say my absolute favorite thing is the sudden abundance of fresh produce.

Seeing as about 80% of my diet is made up of vegetables in all shapes and sizes (the other 20%? - strictly reserved for my hummus, bread, and cheese obsession) there is nothing that excites me more than walking into a grocery store and seeing mounds of fresh navel oranges, stacks of sweet strawberries, and bin after bin of spring peas, corn, and asparagus. YUM! Gone are my days of digging through the ice box to find my frost-bitten broccoli - well, until next winter at least.


As I load up my grocery cart with my goodies I realize I'm going to need a little help with what to do with it all. Luckily, MyRecipes just came out with a "Great Tips for Fresh Produce" gallery; once again, they read my mind! Not only does it tell me how to chop, slice, and dice my veggies but it also gives me some great recipes too! Chocolate Zucchini Cake?? Sign me up! Watermelon and Feta Salad? I could go on and on...


In a couple of weeks the local Farmers Market also opens! Meaning I can not only enjoy fresh produce but I can help support local businesses and the environment (local food means less travel distance which results in a smaller carbon footprint!)

To find a Farmers Market near you, check out Local Harvest. They are a great resource for finding local family farms, organic co-ops, or CSA opportunities for you city dwellers who don't live close enough to a farm to make the trek.

For more drool-inducing ideas for what to do with your fresh produce, check out these pages: