Spicy Basil Chicken

Spicy Basil Chicken

When you've had plenty of awesome grilled chicken, baked chicken, fried chicken and even breaded chicken, you might start looking for new culinary adventures to try. What else is out there? How would these flavor combinations taste? Have I tried everything yet? Nope! Not even close. There is no limit to culinary creativity, and even if there was, it certainly wouldn't start with chicken.

When whipping up this fabulous pan chicken recipe, you'll want to try to find fish sauce, which is (brace yourself) the result of fermented fish combine with sea salt. Sound scary? Maybe, but think about this: fish sauce has been used in many dishes in the Vietnamese, Thai and Cambodian cultures for centuries. Not to mention, fish sauce has been recorded to have been used in ancient China as many as 2,300 years ago, and is thought to have been a precursor to ketchup! You may have trouble finding this amber colored sauce in typical grocery stores though, and if that's the case, soy sauce can be substituted.