With only seven ingredients and an outrageously easy ten minute cooking time, you'll be ready for dinner before you even have time to think about dinner. There's something about combining different ingredients together in a bowl that just hits the spot. For example, burritos are good, but have you ever tried a burrito bowl? Yeah, who'd have thought? Just a few simple ingredients tossed together create an effortlessly delicious meal, which is a total win. Easy and delicious? Where do we sign up?

If you already have brown rice, sausage, and baby spinach hanging out in your pantry and fridge, you're already halfway there with this recipe. Told you it was easy! But don't let an ingredients list hold you back. Bowl recipes are the perfect chance to get creative. A little dash of this, a dash of that, and presto! You're off to the races! Give this recipe a try and be sure to connect with us on Twitter and Instagram and let us know how it turned out!