Are you headed to the beach for the Memorial Day Weekend? If the price of gasoline has taken a bigger piece of your vacation budget than usual, you might consider cooking at the condo or the beach house instead of going out to an expensive seafood restaurant.


Recipe: Shrimp Boil

We've created the perfect recipe playlist for your beach weekend and it includes recipes for seafood appetizers, main dishes, tropical desserts, and, of course, your favorite beach cocktails. Just click the link to Recipe Collection: Beach Recipes, and you can save the whole collection to your recipe file.

Let's set the stage: You're in your beach chair, wriggling your toes in the sand and waiting for the sunset. In your hand is a Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri that you whipped up in the blender before you headed down to the beach. After an appropriate amount of time has passed lolling on the beach, you head back up to the beach house for some crab dip and crackers, and maybe another daiquiri or a frozen lemonade cocktail.


Who's in charge of dinner tonight? If you are, what about a shrimp boil or just some peel-and-eat boiled shrimp? Cook everything in one pot, spread some newspapers on the picnic table for serving, and you're good to go. Easy cleanup and the eating is fine.

End the evening with a slice of key lime pie and a walk on the beach. You're in paradise. Are you packed yet? You supply the cooler, beach towel and sunscreen. We'll supply the recipes. Let us know which one you loved the most.