While stocking my pantry with the usual staples like pasta, rice, and beans, one thing I always keep on hand is nutrition bars. I’ve had a long affair with different types of granola bars, energy bars, and protein bars. I was hooked on Kashi’s TLC Chewy Granola Bars and South Beach Diet Meal Replacement Bars. Lately I’ve had a new obsession: LUNA Bars. These nutrition bars are great for adding vitamins and minerals into your diet in addition to healthy meals and your usual multivitamin. I also like the fact that they are all natural and partially organic. I throw one into my purse whenever I leave the house and pull it out for an easy and filling snack while shopping or as a cure for mid-afternoon hunger at work. The LUNA Protein Bars are also a quick fix for a pre- or post-workout snack. I sampled a few of the new flavors that offer a unique take on incorporating chocolate into an energy bar.


This bar had a lot more crunch and texture than other LUNA flavors I’ve tried. I’m not huge on coconut, but I enjoyed the subtle coconut flavor and chocolate drizzle on top.


Chocolate Chunk tasted more like a granola bar and was really filling. The chocolate chunks mixed in reminded me of a chocolate chip cookie and definitely gave me my chocolate fix.


While most protein bars I’ve tried were too heavy or lacked flavor, this one tastes more like a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie. It combines two things I love most: mint and chocolate chips! It was light enough to eat before going to a spinning class, while still filling me up.


This flavor was a bit more simple than some of the others I've tried, but it was still yummy. You can't go wrong with chocolate, right? I enjoyed the nougat texture and rich flavor. Definitely great to snack on before a run.

What are some of you favorite energy or nutrition bars? We'd love to hear about them!