On-the-go lifestyles require on-the-go sustenance. Thanks to delicious taste, satisfying crunch, and 10 grams of protein per ½ cup, Nature Valley™ Protein Granola goes beyond breakfast. It is a perfect fuel for parents AND kids on sports field sidelines, during after-school study sessions, backstage at theater rehearsal, while taxiing to-and-fro, and for any other “must eat now!” situation.

Tasty solo, Nature Valley™ Protein Granola gets major flavor oomph when paired with other snack time faves. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Cut apple wedges, spread with peanut butter and roll in Oats ‘n Dark Chocolate Protein Granola.

2. Make a batch of Tossed Easy Microwave Cranberry Almond Snack Mix and pack in snack-size baggies.

3. Is the bunch of bananas on the counter more brown than yellow? Freeze a pan of sure to please Granola PB Banana Pops to enjoy as an after dinner treat.


Speaking of treats, add Nature Valley™ Protein Granola to dessert recipes to add a major flavor factor. Even the most novice cook can master No-Bake Dark Chocolate Granola Cookies or No-Bake Granola Jam Thumbprint Cookies!


Let's face it, when weekdays are sure to get wacky, packing wholesome snacks and treats in backpacks and briefcases prevents energy crashes and preserves peace of mind. For more out-of-the-ordinary ideas, check out Nature Valley™ Protein Granola recipes on MyRecipes.