Unlike your standard fluffy flapjack, oatmeal pancakes are dense hearty, and unlike a health-filled all-wheat cake, they're crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. The cakes inevitably garner lavish compliments from first time guests at my family's lake house, where they are a Saturday morning breakfast staple. It's not like any other they've tasted. Several hours later their stomachs are still more than content.



My brother had his first taste of an oatmeal pancake at Poppycock's Cafe in Aspen, Colorado, and discovered why an Aspen writer decided that POPPYCOCKS must be an acronym for "Pancakes, Oh Perfect Pancakes, You Concoct Outrageous CaKeS!" My family brought home a bag of their pancake mix, and fifteen years later we regularly call up the restaurant to order the mix by the dozens.

When I have tried to make the pancakes from scratch, they're good but not outstanding like the mix. I've got the key ingredients, oats and buttermilk, but there's some secret I have yet to crack. Maybe the recipe from the September Cooking Light I've been meaning to try will come close? Or maybe I'll stick with Poppycock's mix or else my favorite scratch variation, the always-wonderful Apple and Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes from Gourmet?

Poppycock's, 609 East Cooper Avenue, Aspen, Colorado, 970-925-1245