Cobb Salad Pizza
Credit: John Autry; Styling: Mindi Shapiro

Go ahead and ask yourself this question... "Pizza or salad?" Do you choose the pizza or go with the option that might be healthier? Well, when you hear someone say, "Go ahead and just have both!" You'd probably think of a slice of pizza with a salad on the side. But, oh no, no, no... Why separate them? Put the salad ON the pizza and prepare for a fantastic flavor combination that will cause indecisive people to rejoice everywhere.

For this recipe, you'll bake the dough to a crispy golden-brown and then add the toppings. Cut cooked chicken into pieces and toss evenly over a bed of greens and sliced cherry tomatoes. Did I mention there's bacon in there, too? Yeah, I think this pizza has it all.