Ever had a piece of pizza and—gazing at its glistening, cheesy, pepperoni-studded surface—thought, "Wow, I only wish I could put this on my face." Beauty blogger and self-described "makeup enthusiast" Gina Kay understands. Which is why she crafted her very own pizza highlighter.

Like turning lemons into lemonade, the pizza highlighter was born out of quick thinking and necessity. "My pressed highlighter broke today so I decided to mix it with loose shimmer eyeshadows and rubbing alcohol to create a pepperoni pizza highlighter!" Kay explains on Instagram.

While you could say the pizza highlighter is frivolous, it's also kind of beautiful. Is it necessary? No. Would we buy one? Absolutely. Really, we'd put any number of food-themed cosmetics on our faces for the sake of radiant skin. Hey, Gina Kay, if you're reading this, consider making these highlighters next:


Because we woke up like this.


The trendiest cosmetic there is.


Don't say it's impastable.


You can practically feel the hydration.


You are what you drink, or something like that.


Now this would be cool.