In our last installment of "Wild Wednesdays," we cooked up a big ole dish of Miss Kay Robertson's famous banana pudding. This week, we're hopping on over to her husband's pride and joy: frog legs. Frog legs are a Robertson family favorite, as seen in the episode "Frog in One," when Phil, Uncle Si, Jase, and John Godwin go frog hunting on the golf course at the local country club. Duck Commander CEO and country club member, Willie Robertson, is not too excited to get a call from the club's security guards to come pick up his kinfolk. Jase, however, thinks that "frog catching is the most fun a human being can have on this earth."

Now, my husband and I hunt, but like most of you - we don't hunt frogs. So how to enjoy a couple of frog legs from Phil Robertson's recipe? Publix. That's right, the grocery store headquartered in Florida routinely carries frog legs in their seafood department. Google told me so, and when I called up our local store, they sure 'nuf had them. Frozen, but still. I was impressed. I'll eat previously frozen frog legs!

We'd invited a few friends down to our farm this past weekend for some good food and fun, and decided to try these beauties on Saturday night along with slow-cooked brisket, mashed potatoes, and spinach-strawberry salad. The full recipe can be found on "The Commander's Kitchen" DVD, but Phil's frog leg recipe basically involves soaking the legs in buttermilk, coating in a beer-based batter, and dredging in flour. The legs are pan-fried in butter and olive oil until golden brown, then layered and baked in a cast-iron Dutch oven along with plenty of whole garlic cloves and sliced green onions. The result: Super-tender frog legs with a delicious flavor. I think everyone was pleasantly surprised, and the frog legs were actually my husband's favorite part of the meal.

One note to remember: Although Phil demonstrates the recipe on the DVD by adding the flour directly to the battered frog legs, then tossing to coat, I think I ended up with way too much flour in the batter by doing it this way and lost a good bit of the flavor from the seasonings. I'm sure I missed something there, but next time I will try keeping the flour separate and coating the legs individually, just as I would for frying chicken or cubed steak.