With Prince William and Kate's big day in only a few days, this week we're discussing Weddings and Showers and all the delicious food that comes along with them on You've Got to Taste This!


With my wedding approaching (very) quickly on June 11th, I have to admit I've really enjoyed all the press and excitement surrounding the royal wedding. One of my favorite aspects of attending weddings (besides witnessing such a special day for your friend or family member) is, of course, the food. No matter how formal or casual the wedding, the reception food is where the bride and groom are able to let their tastes and personalities shine through. From mashed potato bars to a "cake" made of Krispy Kreme donuts, I've seen a variety of fun ways people have made sure their favorite foods get a role in their wedding. Even Prince William has requested his childhood favorite "chocolate biscuit cake" as a nontraditional groom's cake.

For my upcoming casual garden wedding, my fiancé and I have opted for my favorite dessert, key lime pie, and an assortment of our favorite cupcake flavors in lieu of the traditional tiered wedding cake. Wedding blasphemy? Perhaps, but it's exactly what we want.

I'd love to hear: how did you personalize your wedding reception with favorite foods? Leave a comment below.