By Contributor Marge Perry, A Sweet and Savory Life

I’m taking a new approach to the final weeks of summer. I will not let those Back-to-School signs haunt me this year. I’m hanging on to summer for dear life—especially in the kitchen.

I have not lost my appreciation for corn, tomatoes, berries, peaches or watermelon just because the magazines are showing leggings. (I have slowed down a bit with zucchini, I have to admit). I’m cooking with and eating summer’s bounty as vigorously as when the season began.

I don’t just eat fruit for dessert. I’m addicted to watermelon, feta and basil salad (every now and then I switch it up and sub in blue cheese). Peaches and nectarines are part of my daily life—in savory dishes. Some of my favorite uses include:


· Grilled Peaches with Chipotle Glaze: minced canned chipotle in adobo stirred into melted peach jelly and brushed over peach halves in the last few minutes of grilling. I eat them just like that, slice them into a green salad, or chop them into a “grilled peach salsa”.

Peach, Calamata and Red Onion Topping: Great over grilled chicken or pork chops—or, to tell the truth, eaten right out of the container standing in front of the fridge. (Did I just say that aloud?)

What are your favorite savory uses for peaches? Tell us quick, before that crisp air heads our way…