By Ashley Kappel
March 29, 2016

Don't feel bad for grabbing that bag of frozen potatoes! You're well on your way to making one of these delicious dishes.

This is comfort food at its best, often served at times when people feel their worst. In some cultures and communities, food is love, and says what you want to say when you can't seem to say anything at all.

Once you brown the sausage, your slow cooker does the rest. This dish cooks for ten hours, making it the perfect breakfast casserole for any lazy weekend morning.

Two words: Breakfast Pizza. If that's not reason enough to make this dish, then we'll just let you in on another secret: It only has six ingredients.

Hash browns are way more than just breakfast food. Think of them as a lighter, easier scalloped potato and pair them with everything from ham at Sunday lunch to pork chops for a quick weeknight dinner.

This casserole skips the traditional canned condensed soup and creates its own creamy sauce. The frozen hash browns are the perfect pairing to the crispy topping.

This recipe is a user favorite, and it's easy to see why. Creamy, cheesy filling, crispy corn flake topping, and pretty much the only thing we want to eat when we're craving comfort food.