By Ashley Kappel
March 03, 2016

Tired of boring jam on English muffins? English muffins are pretty much a blank palate, so make the most of their plain flavor by jazzing them up with our favorite topping. From breakfasts to main dish idea (salmon burger, anyone?), these English muffin recipes are fun to eat and sure to satisfy.

This is one breakfast club we definitely want to join. Just the muffins into squares for the classic club look, or keep it funky with the round shape.

Bagels and lox, meet salmon and English muffins. Reimagine a breakfast favorite that would be perfect for a festive brunch or an easy dinner in.

Love sausage gravy? Forget a flaky biscuit that crumbles at first bite; load a hearty English muffin with cheesy turkey sausage for a homestyle meal that's pure comfort food.

All the classic pizza ingredients come together to make the best afternoon snack you ever did see. So long, frozen pizza bites. These bad boys are over-the-top amazing.

Go for a deconstructed pizza look with this open-fave option. English muffins make perfectly portioned individual pizzas. Let friends top their own.

This is a brilliant way to enjoy indulgent French toast, just a little lighter. Does that mean we can eat twice as much?

Leftover crab from last night's crab cakes? Lucky you!

Broil the English muffins (or pop them in your toaster oven) while you prep the filling on this meatless main.

Lighten up your weekly burger by opting for an amazing salmon burger topped with chipotle topping.

English muffins are smaller than traditional hamburger buns, meaning they're perfectly sized for at-home burgers. We guarantee no all-bun bites!

We don't suggest eating this one in the car. Take five and enjoy it in your kitchen before you leave.

We took New York City's classic sandwich order and made it even better. Make it at home and avoid the lines!

Less fat than the drive through and all the flavor. This one is a definite on your breakfast-anytime rotation.

Leftover lunch meat? Rotisserie chicken? Sausage? Roasted turkey? Layer it with cheese, egg, and a little spinach for a one-dish meal that's ready when you are.

Egg's best friend? Pesto. Try it and you'll never be the same.

Which toppers would you try this week?