Looking at my calendar I can’t help but wonder where the time has gone!? Those beautiful blooming trees have given way to lush green leaves and those wonderful warm spring mornings have given way to hot and muggy afternoons. May is in full swing and the anticipation for summer barbecues and pool parties is almost too much to bear (just ask my 17 year old brother!).

Despite the sudden abundance of produce and the promise of Farmers Markets every Saturday, I have been feeling less than creative in the kitchen. Maybe it is due to the fact that I have been out of town for the last 4 weekends and buying fresh foods seems a waste since they’ll go bad by the time I get home the next week! Or maybe it’s just laziness. Either way, I have had to resort to my freezer and a bag of lettuce for my last few at-home meals. The results though, were actually quite yummy!

And so I came up with my own version of “Throw anything you have into a bowl and make it delicious Salad” (Also been known to be called “Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink Salad”)

What I had on hand:

1 bag of frozen edamame (shelled)

1 bag of frozen peas

1 bag of fresh spring lettuce

1 bag of broccoli slaw

1 block of extra firm tofu

Rice wine vinegar

Sriracha hot chili sauce

Soy Sauce

Crunchy Low Mein Noodles

So- I improvised! I thawed the edamame and peas in the microwave and let cool. While those were in the microwave, I cut the tofu into slices and sautéed on high heat until brown and then cut into bit-sized cubes. Then I tossed the tofu with some spring lettuce, a couple of tablespoons of rice wine vinegar, a teaspoon or so of sriracha (man, that stuff is hot), a teaspoon or so of soy sauce, some salt and freshly ground pepper. I added the slightly warm edemame and peas to the mix and tossed them well, topped with low mein noodles, and ta-da! Dinner was served.


That may sound like a miniscule dinner to some of you, but believe me, I ate a HUGE bowl and was so stuffed that I almost couldn’t eat some of the fresh cherries that were on sale at Publix…almost. Half a pound of cherries later, I was stuffed, happy, and ready for bed.


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