Nothing says summer to me more than frizzy hair, my yellow Mexican-style dress (In reality, this is a moo-moo.), juicy watermelon, iced coffee, and afternoon thunderstorms. Imagine my delight when I discovered yellow watermelon at a local garden shop that carries fresh produce from area farmers. A hybrid combination of two of my summer favorites -- yellow and delicious watermelon. Had I reached edible heaven?


A little background about me -- I don't pretend to have the most selective palette. I imagine most people would prefer their last meal to be something along the lines of a sophisticated spread of lobster, filet mignon, foie gras, or something else equally decadent. Mine's a little more basic than that. I want my last meal to be a bonanza of chicken salad, pizza, watermelon, chocolate chip cookies, and McDonald's french fries, washed down with a bottomless iced coffee.


With an entire watermelon all to myself the question remains, what to do with all that melon? Fruit salad is out of the question. It's always dominated with cantaloupe -- the carnation version of fruit -- cheap, abundant, and purely for "filler." I do like tomatoes and onions. So I'm considering the Tomato and Watermelon Salad from Southern Living that's pictured above (only you'll need to imagine a big bowl of yellow wonderfulness). Perhaps, I'll make a Watermelon Rind Relish, or a slushy watermelon mojito.

See all of the watermelon recipes I'm considering. Please, weigh-in and let me know what you would make.

Don't miss the nutritional benefits of watermelon. All those anti-oxidants! You'll need these recipes too.

Be sure to stop by to get fun and random facts about watermelon. Did you know that watermelon smashing has replaced the pinata game in Japan? It's called suikawari. You can also meet Jessica Southard, the National Watermelon Queen 2010!