My picture of heaven is a kitchen full of friends, a ton of appetizers, and a few bottles of wine. But sometimes, when life has been crazy and we're all just a smidge too worried about how bad our kitchens look, we bag the "I'll host! It's no problem!" mantra and head for a restaurant, because if there's anything that makes wine taste better, it's knowing you don't have to wash all that glassware.


My husband and I used to go out frequently with friends and use exorbitant amounts of glassware. Then we had kids and ran in fear from any place offering fragile long-stew glasses.

Now that they're a little older (and less screamy), we've ventured out as a sweet family of four. We order some appetizers, plus a grilled cheese with fruit, and toast wine glasses and sippy cups to a good week.

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By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel