By Ashley Kappel, MyRecipes

Last year, my husband and I lived a short drive from the beach, so we'd routinely head out to the shore to get a little sun and a lot of freshly-caught shrimp. There's nothing like pulling into a gravel lot to buy shrimp straight from a cooler with the boats right off the dock.


When we got home, I always made this delicious, easy recipe. The hardest thing about it is peeling the shrimp! (Watch our video for some tips on peeling fresh shrimp.)

The reason I love it so is that you pop the freshly peeled shrimp into a bowl and let them cure with salt and sugar for about an hour, just enough time to shower off, apply the aloe, and get a load of laundry going. Cook Lemon-Garlic Shrimp Skewers on a grill for a max of five minutes, serve with rice or over a salad, and you've got yourself a delicious, seasonal meal in minutes.

I'll confess: There are days when the weather isn't so sunny and I'm craving the lemony-fresh taste of this recipe, so I'll fire up the indoor grill and toss them on. It's just as quick, totally delicious, and the easiest dinner clean up I've seen in a while (simply throw away or rinse the skewers!).

As grilling season rolls around and you find your own seafood dive market, here are a few tips to safely bring back shrimp from the sea:

1) Bring a cooler. On the way to the beach, load it with drinks and lunch items to use during your stay. On the way back, use it for the shrimp. You can freeze them in one-pound bags for great dinners all year around.

2) Bring containers or zip-top bags. Our fish market gives us the goods in a plastic grocery bag, which can make a mess inside your cooler or, worse, your car. Bring your own sealable containers or zip-top bags and put the shrimp directly inside.

3) Ice 'em down. Regardless of how far (or close) you're traveling, it's always wise to keep raw seafood on ice.

4) When you get home, portion them into one-pound bags and freeze or refrigerate immediately.

What's your favorite seafood recipe for the grill?

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel