As our son Parker nears the 10-month mark, we have been amazed at how many milestones he has reached lately. Crawling, check. Pulling up, got it! But the one that is most intriguing to me is how much he enjoys "real" food. So, from the mouth of our babe (or at least what I've learned from him), here are lessons from a future foodie.

1. You don't know if you like it till you try it. New foods can be intimidating to anyone, no matter your age! So whether it's adding a new spice to a dish or trying a vegetable for the first time, go for it! And encourage your kids to be adventurous eaters, too!

2. Play with your food! Sure, a 5-star restaurant isn't the place to palm your dinner, but hey, in the right setting it's okay to get messy. Try finger painting with pudding or having the kids help you bake cookies. You'll bring the family together and have your kids learning at the same time.

3. Let the cook know you enjoyed your meal. Parker lets me know when he likes something by waving his hands and "calling" for more. Whoever the cook in the house is, give them props on a job well done, because they put time and effort into creating your meal.

4. Everyone needs a little ice cream sometimes. If it's not ice cream, maybe it's a slice of cake or a piece of pie. No matter your weakness, indulge every once in a while. Parker's great-grandma Dear swears that her daily bowl of ice cream keeps her happy and healthy. Who knows, she may be onto something here!

Have you learned any lessons from your little one? I'd love to hear them!